Our Medical Marijuana Consulting Services Include
Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes Regulation Consultant Certification, (M.M.P.R.)

  • Licensing Application Management and Support
  • Quality Assurance Management and Support for Medical Marijuana
  • Site Visit Preparation or Medicinal Marijuana
  • Pre-Audit Preparation for Medical Marijuana
  • SOP Preparation for Medicinal Mar​ijuana
  • Sanitation for Medical Marijuana
  • Record Keeping for Medicinal Marijuana
  • Create and Maintain Quality System for Medical Marijuana (Complaints, Recall, Adverse Reporting)
  • Record Keeping for Medicinal Marijuana

iCD Consulting Group 

offers a variety of consulting services to help improve your business with innovative solutions. 

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Allow me to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me already. My name is Nicholas Dimitrakopoulos.

I began my career as a civil servant with the  Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in 2000. After that I went to work for a short time with the  Canada Revenue Agency, before I returned to the  Canada Border Services Agency. I have worked at Pearson International Airport, Central Gateway Mail Processing Center as well as Cargo Operations.

During this time I also obtained an Immigration Practitioners Certificate and have been operating my own business as a 
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant since 2006 at 
iCanada Direct Immigration Services Inc.

In 2009 I started working with the  Canadian Food Inspection Agency at the G.T.A. lab, where I was part of the Food Safety Action Plan. This project involved sampling and testing domestic and imported food products for various foodborne illnesses, including  Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridium botulism, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

In 2010 I transferred to the Mississauga Fish Inspection office on Courtney Park to accept a new position and new challenges, that many of you may be familiar with.

While I was employed in this office my duties included eventually Managing and running the Net Weight Project, Scallop Testing for Phosphates and High Moisture levels, Species Substitution as well as conducting Border Blitzes at the Ft. Erie, Queenston / Lewiston Border Crossings and Pearson International Airport in addition to a number of other enforcement activities, and investigations.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of Fish Inspection from Importing and Sampling to setting up and testing.

My experience with the  C.F.I.A. doesn’t end there.

I am very familiar with conducting Audits within the QMP and the QMPI program. I am fully trained and qualified to conduct Metal Canning Integrity Inspections as well as assisting with Food Recall Management which I obtained during my time at Fish and at the Food Safety Office in Markham, Ontario

I have personally received countless hours of hands on training within the Federal Government which I have always fully participated in, and would be happy to discuss the details in person. I have also obtained a

Food Technology, Safety and Quality Post Graduate Diploma 

as well as a 

Quality Assurance Certificate for Medical Marijuana 
(Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation Consultant, MMPR) 

from the 

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences Inc. 

in Addition I have obtained a

Food Handlers Certificate,
ServSefe Food Managers Certificate (Proctor and Instuctor)

As you can see I understand the unique challenges that small business owners face, from managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing and beyond. In addition to being well versed in the  C.F.I.A. Act’s and Regulations.

I have been helping clients and the general public for many years with over 15 years of Federal Regulatory Experience, within various government agencies including  Agi, C.F.I.A., C.B.S.A., C.I.C., the C.R.A. and  Health Canada as well as a number of other agencies that fell under my umbrella.

I will provide you with the knowledge, advice and expertise based on my real-world experience

Some of My Government Training Highlights Include

  • Fish School 24/02/14-28/02/14
  • Introduction to food Labeling 27/01/14-30/01/14
  • Food Safety Investigations 13/01/14-14/01/14
  • Understanding Audits 28/10/13-30/10/13
  • Note taking for Regulatory Persons 03/07/13-03/07/13
  • ATIP Process/Privacy Awareness 22/11/12-22/11/12
  • FI B10 Fish Borne Illness 01/11/12-01/11/12
  • Gram Negative Rods 29/10/12-29/10/12
  • Overview of Microbiology 26/10/12-26/10/12
  • IRS-Import Retrieval System 11/09/12-11/09/12
  • Note Taking for Regulatory Persons 23/08/23-23/02/12
  • Foundations of Inspection’s & Reg. 20/08/12-22/08/12
  • Automated Import Systems 07/06/12-07/06/12
  • Reg. Verification for Importers 25/04/12-26/04/12
  • HAACP Evaluation for pilot/EU 07/02/12-09/02/12
  • Reg. Ver. For Basic Importers 09/11/11-10/11/11
  • Fish Listeria-Classroom 08/11/11-08/11/11
  • Tactical Communications 30/05/11-31/05/11
  • New Allergen Labeling Regulations 12/05/11-12/05/11
  • Microbiological Sampling 01/03/11-01/03/11
  • Metal Can Integrity 15/11/10-19/11/10
  • Border Blitz training 12/11/10-12/11/10
  • Understanding Food Allergens 24/08/10-25/08/10
  • Understanding Food Allergens 16/08/10-16/08/10
  • Hazard Prevention Program 21/05/10-21/05/10
  • FFV Policy Area Training 17/07/09-17/07/09

What iCD Consulting Can Do For You

Today as many of you already know the food industry in Canada continues to be in a period of constant change due to ongoing regulatory changes.  These changes primarily have been focused on food safety and are helping to shape the sector.

While these changes pose increased risks for all companies in the sector, they also mean great opportunity for those who possess the knowledge to manage these changes and can quickly and efficiently adapt to them. 

If NOT properly identified and addressed, these risks can have financially devastating effects.

iCD Consulting Services 
aims to provide the food industry with the knowledge and assistance required to achieve compliance with and to navigate through these ongoing regulatory changes and the inherent risks associated with them.

To be able to do this, we offer the following services:

• Assiting you with developing, implimenting and constantly improving a Preventative Control Plan which is a requirement under the S.F.C.R.

  • Assistance with government applications and registration processes     for all licensing, permits and the general maintenance of your status in the industry;

• Mediation between your company and the C.F.I.A. as your authorized representative,

As needed;

• Assistance and guidance in the unfortunate instance that you product is rejected;

• Counseling and guidance to help you expand your business and increase profits;

• Ensuring your continued compliance with C.F.I.A. regulations; 
and Assistance, counseling and representation, if necessary, during C.F.I.A. enforcement action(s);

Our services are designed to benefit you in a number of ways, including:

Minimizing the costs and risks involved with the importation of your food products into Canada;

To help lower the risk of shipment inspections, which can reduce border delays;

The ability to bring products to market faster;

Improved cash flow, sustainability and profitability; 


Reduction in corporate risk, including commercial good will;

The overall benefit to your business will be through performance improvements that will result in a greater return on your investment and your ability to more effectively and successfully compete in today’s global marketplace.

By mitigating the aforementioned risks, we will help you better position your company to realize its full potential and focus your attention on what you need to be focused on - your business.

Our Vision is to be the leader within the seafood consulting industry by providing quality service to our clients and helping them achieve successful outcomes.  
Our success can only be measured by the success of our clients. 


Please contact us directly to discuss further